Leave of Absence: Continuation of Group Coverage While on Leave Other Than Family and Medical Leave

Research Foundation group benefits can be continued for up to one year for an employee on an authorized leave of absence. Leave should only be granted when it is expected that the employee will return to work at the end of the leave.

Employees on leave of absence are charged for each pay period missed. Since health insurance is not continued for 28 days when an employee is off the payroll due to a leave of absence, there is no waiting period for insurance coverage when the employee returns to work. If the person does not return, health benefits are extended for 28 days beyond the leave of absence period.

All benefits may be continued or just health insurance. If health insurance is not continued, dental, life, and vision care may be continued only as a package.

The following premiums must be paid in advance by an employee who elects to continue benefits while on a leave of absence. The employee may make one payment for the full period of the leave or monthly or biweekly payments. The premiums shown represent the biweekly charge for each payroll period during which the person is not employed.

An application for continuation of group benefits while on a leave of absence and current LOA biweekly premiums are attached.



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