Rush Purchase Policy


Goods that need to be acquired quickly may be obtained by contacting a supplier directly. Refer to Process a Rush Order.

The purchase must comply with all federal regulations, sponsor guidelines, and Research Foundation (RF) requirements. Operating locations must establish a process that outlines who will be accountable for the expenditure if it is later found not to comply. Refer to Review a Request for Goods, Services, or Payment for specific regulatory requirements.

Note: Rush purchases may also be obtained by purchasing the item and receiving reimbursement for the purchase. Refer to Out-of-Pocket Expense Reimbursement for more information.

Operating Location Procedures

Operating locations must establish procedures for "rush" purchases. These procedures must include the establishment of dollar and use limits by the operations manager.

Receiving Goods and Authorizing Payment

Rush purchases with confirming orders are received, reviewed, and approved for payment the same way that standard purchases are. Refer to Receiving Goods and Services for more information.



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