Steven Wood

Assistant Director for Innovation Services at the Research Foundation for SUNY, central office.


photo of Steven Wood

Mentored By: Cathy Kaszluga

Why I want to be a Protégé:

"I feel that I have an exceptional potential to offer to the RF and the SUNY system. In order to best direct and engage that potential, I feel that a formal mentorship with someone in an established leadership role would be invaluable."

Personal Statement:

"I am the oldest of six children and I grew up just north of Utica in the Kuyahoora Valley on the West Canada Creek in Newport, NY. Central New York and the Leatherstocking Region was, is and always will be home. I am deeply interested in our (pre-)historical origins and our potential deep future destinations, both as humanity and as a state within the international arena. I see technology as a double edged sword - representing both our potential undoing and our potential salvation. As such technology requires knowledgeable and sensible stewards to curate it, or it may wrangle free of our judicious administration and cause the culture that we have built upon its base to careen out of control and become entirely unrecognizable from that of our forebears with respect to ethics and morality. "

Commitment to Professional Development:

"I have pursued multiple graduate level degrees, including a master of laws in air and space law from Leiden University in the Netherlands, directed towards technology, intellectual property and technology transfer and commercialization. In addition, I have pursued, obtained and conducted employment in intellectual property and technology transfer roles with top U.S. governmental institutions, including the United States Patent & Trademark Office as well as Brookhaven National Laboratory. I view technology transfer and commercialization as playing a major supporting role to sponsored research programs. And I see the next step for me as helping to build a strong reputation for the RF as a leader in partnering with industry in technology licensing and commercialization efforts and thereby to cultivate and become more fully integrated within sponsored research programs directed towards development and deployment."

Contact Information: