Christa Taylor

Director of Benefits Programs, RF Central Office


Christa Taylor, Director Benefits Programs, RF Central Office 

Specialites:  Benefits Administration and Design, project management, coaching and development, supervisory skills


Why I want to be a mentor:

I was very fortunate to be mentored early in my career and know first hand the impact a mentor can have on your growth, development and career trajectory. It is because of my own experience that I want to give back by providing the same opportunity for others.

Personal Statement:
I have worked for the Research Foundation for 19 years in Human Resources, specifically in benefits and retirement. I enjoy my work for the Research Foundation because it is so diverse and I still learn new things all the time. I reside in the Albany area with my husband, three children and 2 dogs. I enjoy reading, hiking and being on the beach.

Developing others is something that is a priority for me and something I am extremely committed to. Whether it be formally through the RF Mentoring Program or informally with staff and colleagues, developing others is critical to the success of the individual and the organization.

Commitment to Diversity:
I am committed and passionate about diversity and the indiviudal growth of others. I manage a team of six indiviudals and I take the time to get to know them and understand their goals including sharing their professional development plans. I support their growth by providing opportunities for development such as conferences, leadership development, webinars, functional opportunities to increase their job scope, and encourage participation in the Mentoring Program. Additionally, to support diversity in thought and perspective, I continuously solicit and encourage feedback from the team on operational issues to gain a broader perspective.

Contact Information: