Awards with Projects at Multiple SUNY Campus Locations


This document provides guidance for preparing and submitting proposals and managing awards for collaborative projects that will be performed at more than one SUNY campus location under a single sponsored award.


Pre-Award Process

Award Establishment Process

The lead location is responsible for creating the award, project(s) and task(s) for all locations in the business applications, including a cost share award, project(s), and task(s) if applicable.

In addition, the lead location funds the projects and tasks and establishes the budget for all locations. For more information, refer to the Create a Project for an Award that Crosses Locations process help.

After the award, project(s) and task(s) are created, the lead location will notify the collaborating location by sending the project abstract.

At-Risk Awards

There may be situations where the collaborating location wants to authorize establishment of their location’s project prior to the lead location establishing the award.

In these cases, the collaborating location should ask the lead location to establish an at-risk award and the collaborating location’s project(s) and task(s). As per the RF’s Responsibility for Losses policy, the collaborating location is responsible for any expenditures if the award isn’t granted.

Award Management Process

The lead location can:

Award/Project/Task Monitoring

The following Discoverer reports are available to help lead locations monitor their awards with projects at other locations using the ORG Discoverer Grants Financial responsibility:

Award Closing Process

The lead location will inform the collaborating location of the dates that the final progress reports, invention reports and final invoice or financial report are due to the sponsor and the due date for the collaborating location to submit to the lead location all information needed for close-out of the project.

After the final invoice or financial report is submitted to the sponsor, the lead location should change the award status to On Hold. After all cash has been received and all required reports submitted, the award status will be changed to Closed.

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