Camilo Medina

Auditor I, RF Central Office


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Mentoring:  Renee Bartholomew, Central Office

Why I want to be a Mentor:

"Having gone through the program as a protege, and having several mentors in my own life, I have a deep desire to pay that forward. Mentors have been of great benefit to me, and I would love nothing more than to pass on the wisdom and advice others have given me. In the process, you build a unique relationship that can last a lifetime."

Personal Statement:

"I'm a UAlbany grad with a degree in Economics and Africana Studies. I love to travel, read, and stay active (I'm a bit of a health nut). Outside of work I lead a spiritual life, and am committed to the development and growth of the youth and community as a whole."


"Everything we do in life, whether work or personal, is a team effort. And the development of those around us is critical to our own success. Any time I can help someone develop their skills and grow as an individual is of great satisfaction to me. Having gone through the mentor program as a protege re-emphasized this for me. It's of great importance to me to continue to develop social capital and share our experiences for the betterment of each other."

Commitment to Diversity:

"When a commitment to diversity and inclusion is no longer an effort, but a joy and part of your outlook on life, that's when you're truly committed. And that is something I strive for day in and day out. For me, diversity goes beyond looking at someones race, ethnicity, religion, or gender. You have to first take an interest and understand an individuals background. That's when you begin to see that everyone has a perspective and outlook that is valuable and shouldn't be set aside. Understanding each others differences is how we grow, and that is what I love the most about diversity."

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