Learning and Development

The RF is a learning and development organization supporting employees, faculty, staff, and the research community to expand their knowledge and abilities in all areas of RF operations and achieve their professional goals.

We provide tools and resources to advance SUNY’s research enterprise:

  • Business Compliance - Online training that reviews federal and state regulations, policies, and procedures and their effect on RF business.  Access the WeComply website for a course list.  Your user name is your RF employee ID number, and password is rfsuny. Your employee number is available on your pay stub, direct deposit slip, or through the HR self-service function.
  • SPA Fundamentals - An online course (available by request within WeComply) guides employees through the requirements and protocols of grants management, providing participants with the skills and knowledge they need to assist and guide faculty researchers.  **Please coordinate with your Campus Training Contacts to request a license to access the course.
  • Learning Tuesdays - Live-streaming 90-minute panel discussions on topics that span SUNY’s research enterprise.
  • Innovation Community Chest - Provides links to information and training on various innovation topics, including technology transfer, intellectual property, collaboration, and market analytics. You can access IC2 here.

  • RF Business Systems Overview - A self-paced presentation that provides information about the applications within the RF business system and how employees can use them to accomplish their work.
  • RF Financial Concepts 101 - A short, easy-to-understand curriculum that connects all audiences to core business concepts relating to the RF.

We offer mentoring, leadership training and continual education opportunities that foster professional growth while advancing the RF’s capabilities:

  • RF Mentoring Program - Connects seasoned professionals with protégés to build the skills and expertise necessary to advance and achieve.
  • RF-CPD Scholarship – Provides tuition assistance for training programs that help set and achieve career goals.

We create customized solutions to meet individual or campus needs. Please complete a training request form to initiate this process.


For more information about RF Learning and Development, contact: 

Kathleen Caggiano-Siino, Vice President, Human Resources
(518) 434-7132