Research Expenditures and Sponsored Programs Administration

RF Financial Concepts 101 

Understanding the Business of the RF

Module 3: Understanding Sponsored Programs Funding

Research Expenditures and Sponsored Programs Administration

Sponsored programs administration is the most complex and important of the essential services the RF provides to the SUNY research community. Funds come in to the RF in the form of grants and contracts and the RF manages these funds to ensure compliance with university, sponsor and governmental policies and procedures. This service is called "Sponsored Programs Administration."

Dollars that come in from grants and contracts for research programs at campuses are called "Research Expenditures." Research Expenditures is the nationally accepted way to measure how much is spent on research activity each year. Research activity is presented by the amount spent by the sponsoring agency (expenditure) on a research program.

What the Data Shows 

SUNY research expenditures have decreased after steadily climbing over the last five years. Research expenditures are expected to decrease in 2016 due to Federal funding decreases plus continued lower State activity related to large purchases of equipment.

Dr. Joel Hurowitz and colleagues in the Stony Brook University Department of Geosciences received a $1.4 million NASA grant to support the development and testing of the “Planetary Instrument for X-ray Lithochemistry” (PIXL), one of the seven instruments selected to be part of the scientific instrument payload of the Mars 2020 rover mission.  

Total Expenditures Fiscal Years 2010-15

Where to Find More Information 

Expenditure Profile Summary - Year Ended June 30, 2014, published annually on the RF website, provides two different views of fiscal year sponsored programs expenditures - by campus and by program type. It also provides a five-year historical trend of sponsored programs expenditures by campus.